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Founder's Invite

Greetings Readers,
As the Founder - Secretary General of Bhartiya Model United Nation, it is with immense honour I invite you to the second virtual simulation of our conference.
“Bharat Hai Toh Bhartiya Hai," our tagline, translates to "Bhartiya Is, Because Of India." As a team and as a conference, we believe in sticking to our patriotic roots even whilst hosting international delegations because at the end of the day, change begins at home. And the change we want to make, is to encourage people to Fight For Their Rights.

A belief that I, personally, will always endorse is "International Relations Can Be Taught In The Classroom But Understood Only In MUNs." Learning should not be limited to reading & comprehending, but should also involve sharing and showcasing your knowledge. Bhartiya is the perfect place to start with the same! Knowledge has no boundaries, and the knowledge & opinions different individuals have on different matters and topics are variant, much like the topics up for discussion at edition 2.0 Of Bhartiya, which makes for it to be the perfect opportunity to gain further insight.

In conclusion I would like to quote “you can overpower the entire world by just one action, your speech," and therefore, encourage you to join us on what - I can promise - will be a memorable journey.

Warm Regards,
Shlok Mundhra,
Founder - Secretary General
Bhartiya Model United Nation 2.0


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